Wednesday, October 26, 2011

P-3C Airborne Mission Systems Update

Did you hear the Canada moose call? That means only one thing at the IOSC: time for more presentations!

We're here now with Mike Bell from Lockheed Martin's Mission Systems & Sensors (MS2) team.

MS2 has produced fixed wing mission systems for more than 50 years. Ninety percent of the worldwide P-3 fleet uses MS2's fixed wing mission systems, which has a build similar to the C-130 or HC-144 platforms.

The MS2 Maritime Airborne Surveillance System comes in three variants: fixed mount, roll-on/roll-off pallets and C-4. The system is an evolutionary development of legacy ASW/ASuW/ISR capability. The system has standard acoustics, integrated workstations, a digital storage management system, an IFF interrogator, a full-range of current sensors with HD capabilities, data links, ics upgrade, mission processing, upgraded magnetic anomaly detector (MAD), and ESM -- along with other enhancements.

Integrated a wide-range of sensors to support customer needs. Everything needs to be funneled into an integrated tactical picture. A system, that is similar to a Windows (R) format, chronicles historic data and provides real-time displays that are intuitive and integrated.

MS2 can create systems to support a customer's particular request through a service oriented architecture affordably and easily. Operators can access multiple display options at once, giving them a comprehensive picture of their mission.

In summary, the MS2 Maritime Airborne Surveillance System is an evolutionary process, resulting in system that can benefit all P-3 operators.

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