Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nowegian P-3 Program/Operations

We're back. Our next speaker is Lt. Col. Odd Andreassen from the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RoNAF).

The RoNAF fleet consists of P-3Cs and two P-3Ns. The P-3Cs are UIP models featuring MX-20 EO/IR sensors, and TCDL. The P-3Ns were originally modified P-3Bs. They also feature the MX-20 and TCDL and are going through the Airframe Service Life Extension Program-Norway (ASLEP-N). The P-3Ns have more than 20,000 flight hours.

ASLEP-N includes replacement of the center and outer wings. The wings are built by Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Ga., and are installed on the Norwegian aircraft by IMP Aerospace in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. One aircraft has now been returned to service.

The first aircraft was delivered in July 2011 and is now in operation in the Gulf of Aden. Completion the second aircraft is expected in January 2012.

In September 2011, the RoNAF deployed an aircraft to the Seychelles for anti-piracy efforts. The operation is called Ocean Shield. The P-3 crews are collecting data and transmitting to ships.

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