Monday, October 24, 2011

DMSMS Concerns

Candy Drake from NAVAIR is up now.

She started out by listing some of the current situation with diminishing manufacturing sources. Customers note that DMS alerts are usually short notice and they are working to better communicate when parts are going to start being scarce.

NAVAIR has established a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) DMSMS team for P-3 and is starting work. There are three levels of service for FMS customer DMSMS issues.

Work in the last year has been setting up infrastructure within NAVAIR to work diminishing manufacturing sources issues. The NAVAIR group is using predictive tools to anticipate DMS issues.

A report called a Supportability Analysis is produced and it is a working document that is continuously updated to reflect current obsolescence information. The report also addresses support equipment details and supportability concerns.

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