Monday, October 24, 2011

Lockheed Martin Greenville P-3 Sustainment

Kimberly Goff, Senior Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Greenville Operations in South Carolina, is our next speaker.

Greenville is a key part of the P-3 program and reports to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Marietta. The Greenville team is dedicated to the sustainment of the P-3. It is a full service major repair and overhaul facility with 282 acres and 16 hangars that can accomodate up to 31 P-3s.

Have performed more than 180 Phased Depot Maintenance cycles.

Long-term sustainment is key to P-3 operations. Many of the P-3 Mid Life Update kits are installed in Greenville using OEM re-mate procedures.

Greenville has delivered three MLU aircraft and currently have six in work.

The Greenville site has extensive back shop operations, including a machine shop, tooling and parts fabrication, wire shop, hydraulics, wheels and tires, etc. Greenville also has an extensive kitting operations where the kit is put together on a white board that is shrink wrapped so all the parts are presented to the mechanic in a logical order.

A key takeaway is the Greenville has on-site capabilities to restore excess defense articles -- like P-3s stored in the desert -- to like-new condition.

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