Monday, October 25, 2010

Rolls-Royce T56 Engine

Slim Ketchum from Rolls-Royce is discussing long-term support of the P-3 engine, the T56.

The T56 has 50 years of service, and Rolls-Royce has continued to improve reliability with the worldwide maintenance network.

Rolls-Royce has leveraged tailored commercial support options for military and international customers. Customer options include everything from spare parts to extended support for T56 engines.

Slim says that Rolls-Royce is continually upgrading and improving components of the T56 for cost-effective ownership for the next three decades.

Chris Culp from Rolls-Royce is now talking about the series 3.5 development program for the T56 engine. The 3.5 program uses existing technologies from commercial and industrial variants, including compressor inlet housing, compressor blades, single crystal 1st stage turbine blade and compressor wheel knife seals. The changes don't require aircraft installation or interface changes, making 3.5 a low-risk technology solution for P-3 operators.

The updates improve engine fuel consumption, hot-day take off performance and turbine life. Rolls-Royce is in the last month of development for the 3.5 upgrades for the U.S. Air Force C-130H aircraft. Flight tests will be in 2011. The work done for U.S. Air Force aircraft will be leveraged for the P-3 fleet. Low rate production will begin later this year.

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