Monday, October 25, 2010

IMP Aerospace: Sustainment of the P-3

Carl Kumpic, vice president of international marketing for IMP, is talking about IMP's work sustaining the P-3.

IMP is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and has supported the CP-140 Aurora (the Canadian version of the P-3) fleet for many years. IMP is one of four Lockheed Martin-authorized maintenance facilities.

IMP is also a Lockheed Martin-approved wire harness supplier, including Service Life Extension Program work.

The company is certified to overhaul and build new structural components for the P-3.

IMP began upgrading the CP-140 in 1984 with depot-level maintenance. Since then, IMP has worked with Lockheed Martin to conduct Service Life Assessment Program studies.

The government of Canada launched the Optimized Weapon System Support in 2002, with the objective of reducing fleet maintenance cost, increasing aircraft availability and adopting best industry practices. This means that CP-140 support is divided between three companies, where IMP provides Primary Air Vehicle services. With this change, IMP moved from a depot maintenance provider to a full in-service support provider.

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