Monday, October 25, 2010

Distributors' role in P-3 sustainment

Steve Benz, vice president of business development at Blue Aerospace is speaking about the distributors' role in P-3 sustainment and customer support.

Steve says the world needs Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). For programs like the P-3, parts integration challenges are extremely significant. Customers want OEM parts and support, so Blue Aerospace and Kellstrom Industries support Lockheed Martin to deliver quality products to customers.

Steve said distributors are able to provide parts with OEM data and full range proactive customer support, including engineering and repair support.

Distributors can accommodate smaller sales requests on a part-by-part basis for P-3 operators. Blue and Kellstrom work with Lockheed Martin to provide spares and support, but distributors specialize in small requests as well as comprehensive support arrangements.

P-3 distributors act as force multipliers, with close ties to Lockheed Martin. They provide value by serving as a liaison between customers and Lockheed Martin, particularly for operators with small P-3 fleets. Distributors consolidate inventory across the P-3 fleet so they can deliver more affordable parts.

Benz said operators are best served by a combination of an active, disciplined distribution network, integrated OEM and well-designed Certified Parts Program.

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