Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Operator: Canadian CP-140 Aurora

Lt. Colonel Derek (Duff) Gowanlock of the Canadian Forces is presenting about the CP-140 Aurora.

Canada has 18 CP-140s Auroras in their fleet, which are primarily responsible for combat operations, support of air operations and surveillance, search and rescue and environmental law enforcement among other missions. The CP-140s also supports large events such as the Winter Olympics that were held in Vancouver earlier this year.

The Canadian Forces are incrementally adding capability with Applanix Camera and Overland Equipment Mission Suite (OEMS). These upgrades provide detailed text and imagery to ground stations.

Ten CP-140 aircraft are getting new wings (Aircraft Service Life Extension Program - ASLEP) and full mission system upgrades (Aurora Incremental Modernization Project - AIMP) to allow for operations beyond 2020 and at least 35,000 flight hours. AIMP includes fully integrated, digital and color systems that significantly increase capability.

Because of the time required for ASLEP and AIMP upgrades, the primary challenge for the Canadian Forces is aircraft availability.

Lt. Colonel Gowanlock said the future of the Canadian Forces' CP-140 is intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, as well interoperability with unmanned aircraft.

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